Three Common Wedding Photography Styles Popular These Days

Without a doubt, knowing how to select the right photographer can be an intimidating task. Today's market is full of talented - and not so talented - people, and it can be overwhelming having to sort through the maze of portfolios and blogs staring you in the face.

The idea is to help you choose wisely, starting with a good grasp of the various wedding photography styles that are so popular now. You can use this info when looking for a Naples Wedding Photographer . Here are three:


Majority of photographers these days use the term "Traditional Photography" in an almost negative light; what it only means is that the type of photography would be similar to what was popular decades ago. It's what you typically see in pictures from way, way back, where people "pose, smile and say cheese."

A traditional photographer will probably have a checklist of shots they have to take at each wedding, so that their work looks the same, except that you will see different faces and in different places. Sometimes, the images look casual, but they were actually choreographed. Then they will deliver around 100 to 200 printed photos after processing.


This is probably the most popular style of wedding photography in this day and age. This is known as "documentary style" as well. It's mainly candid photography whose purpose is to capture the rawness emotions, the environment and atmosphere in order to produce the most natural pictures.

As with a reality show, the objective is put the viewer right in the middle of what's transpiring, to the effect that they will feel like a part of what's going on instead of being a mere observer. This approach though is a little more progressive, as it also merges this casualness with very personal and striking portraiture. As you can tell, there will be so many photos - maybe in excess of a thousand - since every little part or aspect of the occasion will be photographed.

Fashion and Glam

This is usually considered as total opposite of both photojournalism and traditional photography. And it's everything it sounds like - wedding photography which operates like a photo shoot for a fashion model or Hollywood star. Poses would be highly choreographed, and you can expect a lot of fancy lighting and post processing to produce a glitz and glam appearance on the photos. Because this type of photography tends to be time and labor-consuming, you will probably get less than a hundred pictures.

None of these three photography styles are good or bad. It all really depends on your personal preference. When style do you see your wedding photos in? In fact, you can even merge all three styles and create a hybrid. It's for you to decide, but of course, you should consult your photographer too. This also applies when looking for a good real estate photographer in Naples .